November One Day Retreat

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One Day Retreat

NOvember 16th, 2019


Beverly Unitarian Church, 10244 S Longwood Dr, Chicago, IL 60643

Cost: Free

Appropriate for all levels of meditation

This one day retreat is a great opportunity for someone who is new or has some experience with meditation and would like to deepen their practice. The day starts at 10AM with an introduction and will consist of alternating periods of guided seated and walking meditation, lunch, and a Dharma talk. This retreat will be lead by Marcia Curtis and the title of the Dharma talk is “Race, Poverty, and the Dharma”.

This retreat is being given on a dana basis. Dana means “generosity” in Pali, the language the Buddha’s teachings were first written down in. Traditionally, there is no charge for sharing the Buddha’s teaching. Making a donation to the teacher at the end of the retreat is both a part of the tradition and a way to practice the spiritual discipline of generosity. Lunch will not be provided so please bring your own food. There will be seating provided, and if you have your own meditation cushion or bench you are encouraged to bring it. For other questions please see the FAQ tab at the top of the Sangha page.

About the Teacher:

Marcia Curtis is a Unitarian Universalist minister who has served as a chaplain with people with AIDS, people experiencing homelessness, and with people with mental illness. She has been practicing meditation in the Theravadan tradition for 27 years, and teaching since 1996. She has done more than forty retreats, including two three-month silent retreats at Insight Meditation Society in Barre, MA.

About the Practice:

Insight (vipassana) meditation is a form of Buddhist meditation in the Theravadan tradition, which is the tradition of Burma, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Cambodia. It is a form of mindfulness meditation. The meditator focuses on some aspect of the mind-body process such as the breath, and learns to quiet the mind by observing what is. As the mind becomes more quiet, the heart is given the space to open.

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